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MIDWAY JOURNEY - Plastic Beach Pollution

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From YouTube (Approved: PositiveLIFEcycle), produced by Manual Maqueda
In the Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king who was cursed to roll a
huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat
this throughout eternity.

A beach cleanup on Midway Atoll made us feel just like Sisyphus.

are millions of tons of plastics present in our oceans, and these are
constantly fragmenting into smaller and smaller pieces which are
scattered throughout the water column and present, in different
densities, throughout all the worlds oceans.

to what many people believe, there are no visible islands of trash
anywhere --even if some areas, the gyres, accumulate higher densities of
plastic pollution. In actuality, what is happening is much more complex
and scary: our oceans are becoming a planetary soup laced with plastic.

To make thing worse, these tiny pieces of plastic are extremely
powerful chemical accumulators for organic persistent pollutants
present in ambient sea water such as DDE's and PCB's. The whole food
chain, from filtering invertebrates to marine mammals are eating plastic
and /or other animals who have plastic in them. This means that we
are. Like the albatrosses on Midway, we carry the garbage patch inside
of us.

Cleaning up this mess is not feasible, technically or
economically. Even if all the boats in the world were put to the task
somehow, the cleanup would not only remove the plastics but also the
plankton, which is the base of the food chain, and is responsible for
capturing half of the CO2 of our atmosphere and generating half of the
oxygen we need to breathe.

But even if this problem was solved
too somehow, the amount of plastic that we could capture, at an immense
cost, would be a drop in the bucket as compared to the amount that flows
into the ocean every day.

No matter how hard we push, in terms
of technology or money, the boulder will be rolling back down the hill,
throughout eternity, unless we stop putting more plastics into our

The good news is that we can do this. We can do
this now. We need to start a social movement that spreads virally and
creates a critical mass of concerned citizens who pledge to move away
from our disposable habits, and who raise their voice to reject and
reverse a throwaway culture that might be profitable, but whose
consequences are intolerable.

Filmed and edited by: Jan Vozenilek http://www.CopperSkyProductions.com

Written and narrated by: Manuel Maqueda http://www.manuelmaqueda.com/

Music by: Christen Lien http://www.itsnotaviolin.com
Ages: 6 - 18 License: Proprietary Owner: Manual Maqueda Found by PositiveLIFEcycle
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