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About Me :: BittytheKid

Real Name:
Ian Nesbit
About Me:

Currently pursuing my Masters degree in Social Science Education, my interests are much broader than the teaching of Social Studies, altho I will likely do just that for at least the first year or three after I finish my thesis this summer. My own educational background is varied; including Film, Religious Studies, Environmental Physics, Technology, Political Science, and Sociology. I feel the push to specialize in higher education is (for most people) a mistake, as having specific goals and a broad knowledge base from which to pursue them provides greater flexibility and communication. 

I'm a strong believer in allowing students of all ages the freedom to pursue their own interests and use their own curiosity and creativity to better themselves and the real world they live in. Education should connect to people's lives, and be (as much as possible) internally motivated. It should not stop when we leave high school or college, but continue throughout our lives as both our selves and our times change.

Only an educated and involved populous can succesfully operate a democratic government.
Web links of interest:

Learn math
. Right now. Do it. Show your kids the site and encourage them to start learning on their own. Go to the excersizes and just start at the beginning and follow the recommended course until you have trouble, then watch the recommended video. Encourage your kids' teachers to replace (or supplement) their homework with these excersizes and sign themselves up as a "Coach" so they can track the students' progress.

Also great for science, at least for the theory and math involved; does not yet have any built in assessment tools, and ideally the theory should be accompanied by real-world hands-on activities.

Web Adventures

This site has several well-made educational games, all centering around careers and biology and related fields, including explorations of the scientific method, and an entire game exploring Forensic Science based on the show CSI. Print out the vocabulary sheets located in the teachers section, and integrate the games into larger lessons.


The Free Child project helps young people play an active role in both their own learning and in the larger world.


This is my facebook page for information and discussion on broad education issues. It spawned from a group called Educational Development Utopianism, and is part of a series of pages devoted to resources for various subject areas (Math, Science, Social Science, Reading, Arts, etc)
Other notes: